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How Restaurants Can Benefit From Phone Systems

Restaurants are relatively fast-paced environments, with busy workers always on their feet and on the go. Considering this, a mobile solution seems like it would be a good fit. However, restaurants should invest a dedicated business phone system with smart features. In order to choose the correct one, the needs and budget for your restaurant must be evaluated.

Reliable Provider
First and foremost, find a solid phone service provider. Without reliable service you could end up losing important calls and customers. Poor call quality can also negatively affect your business image. It would be wise to do some research on providers, see what they offer in terms of service level agreements, and ask other restaurants which service they use and how pleased they are with their systems. There will likely be a few providers which suit your needs, and from there you will simply need to choose which one you prefer over the others.

Single vs. Multiple Lines
Call volume can be unpredictable, which is why it is advised to get at least a couple of lines. For fewer than five phone lines, you can install regular phone lines with a business plan from a local provider. Should you need more lines, you will likely need to consider a key service unit in which your phones will be routed.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) can be a cost-effective option, however, because it relies on internet connection there is a higher risk for spotty service and dropped calls. If you choose to go the VoIP route, be sure to choose a quality internet provider and a plan with plenty of bandwidth and speed. You will need to invest in IP phones as well, but luckily, prices are relatively low.

Additional Features
Depending on your restaurant, extra features and functions could be helpful. For example, voicemail allows you to receive messages after hours, while call forwarding will allow you to take calls while you run errands. Custom messages provide your callers with important information, like answers to frequently asked questions, while they wait to speak with staff. You can even set up a menu to give callers the specials of the day, directions, hours, or route them to another line to make reservations.

Aside from all of these things, you want a provider that offers scalability. You never know how successful your business can or will be, so a provider who can grow with your needs is a must.

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How Restaurants Can Benefit From Phone Systems
With the appropriate business phone system, restaurants can take advantage of helpful features to improve communication and customer service.

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