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Safeguard Against Cyber Attacks

By now, most businesses understand that there is great risk when it comes to cyber security. A few big names have fallen victim to cyber attacks, which should serve as a warning to others. Luckily, remaining vigilant and aware of potential threats can give you an upper hand. Find out more about how you can minimize your risk and keep your company, employees, and customers safe.

Understand The Risks
In order to develop strong security measures, you should understand all the internal and external vulnerabilities along with how hackers gain access. This will help you identify any points of weakness and give you insight on what needs to be addressed. Know what to watch for by learning more about the different types of fraud and common cybercrime trends.

For example, it has been ingrained in many of us not to click a suspicious link or open an attachment. This threat still remains popular, with most hackers targeting CFOs specifically. Because they have access to the company’s budget, gaining access to the CFOs information is like hitting the jackpot in comparison to an individual’s financial assets.

Hackers will also watch social media to see what’s trending. Large events produce large audiences which draws the attention of hackers. With so many potential targets, hackers will design malicious content aimed at those attending or involved.

Much like you are responsible for the customers in your store or building, the same goes for the visitors of your pages online, so you must secure all aspects of your business.

And unfortunately, while the volume of cyber attack messages has decreased, the cyber attacks are getting stronger.

Security Policy & Employees
Once you know what you need to safeguard, make sure you have a strong security policy in place. Your employees play a crucial role when it comes to defending against attacks. Be sure they are properly trained and educated on various aspects.

Be sure your policy clearly states what employees can install, access, and keep on their work computers in order to keep a “clean desk environment.” When it comes to passwords, be sure they follow smart password practices, which include using long, unique passwords, using separate passwords for every account, and enabling two-step authentication when possible. Other important aspects include spam filters (how to use them and what to look out for), backing up work (whether employees or management completes this task), and speaking up when any suspicious activity occurs on company devices.

Make The Call
The phone is better than email when it comes to verifying financial requests and confirming details with banks, vendors, clients, or employees. And, when it comes to approving outgoing funds, adding a two-step verification process adds an extra layer of protection and helps to prevent potential losses.

Up-To-Date Software
Never delay an anti-virus software update or updates for other security applications unless absolutely necessary. These updates often contain patches for newly discovered threats, keeping your infrastructure safe and secure.

Incident Response Plan
Put a plan of action in place for any cyber incident and make sure to practice it periodically so that all team members are aware of what to do. Fighting cyber crime takes preparedness and teamwork within your organization.

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Safeguard Against Cyber Attacks
Cyber security measures are crucial for businesses small and large. Employ these tactics to safeguard your business from cyber attacks and data breaches.

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