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Don’t Make These Video Conferencing Mistakes

As businesses realize the value of video calls and conferences, we are seeing an increase in adoption of video conferencing solutions. Video conferencing allows for increased productivity and a new level of collaboration among employees, however, these conferences should not be taken lightly. Despite their convenience, a misstep in execution could create an embarrassing situation and a potentially bad experience overall. Here are some major video conferencing mistakes you should actively try to avoid:

Not Playing With The Settings
Default settings are not likely perfect for everyone. Ensure that the camera’s angle is appropriately aimed at your face, not too high or low. Adjust the lighting and audio as necessary and ensure that you fine-tune any additional settings to suit your personal preferences.

Joining A Video Call While Inappropriately Dressed
If you are going to play with the settings of your video conferencing system, be sure to be appropriately dressed in case you accidentally turn on your cameras to an audience.

Not Checking For Bad Angles
Put your best face forward by testing out which angles work best for you. Choose the angle and lighting that is most flattering, allowing you to convey a pleasant and competent demeanor.

Not Fixing The Lighting
As mentioned, lighting also plays an important role. Be sure the place you are conducting your video conference is aptly lit (it should not look like you are in a dark cellar or dungeon). If lighting is out of your control try to find the brightest spot in the room.

Dressing Up In PJs
While you may be conducting your video conference from home, it is still a business meeting so you should dress the part. At the very least, change out of your pajamas and into something more presentable.

Not Picking A Good Spot
By not picking a good spot, you leave yourself susceptible to background noise and distractions. You want to choose your spot ahead of time, preferably somewhere well-lit, quiet and away from any foot traffic or distractions.

Not Knowing Your Tools
Learning to navigate through your video conference software before an actual meeting is a must. If you cannot troubleshoot a minor problem, you run the risk of wasting other conference members’ time and it can reflect poorly on you.

Logging In Too Close To the Meeting
Give yourself ample time to log in and iron out any issues you may have, from updates to adjusting settings and preferences. That way, you can avoid wasting time in the meeting and will not have to worry about delaying the start.

Letting Your Attention Wander
Meetings are not always the most fun and intriguing task ever. However, it is important that you stay focused. Do not play games, check social media, or answer emails while you are attending a video conference. By listening, taking notes, and participating, you can remain engaged in the conversation.

Not Looking At The Camera
Eye contact can make or break a conversation. When speaking to someone in-person, when eye contact is lacking, there is a sort of disconnect. You are left wondering if they are really listening and paying attention to what you have to say. When eye contact is being made, you feel like the other person is really invested in the topic at hand. These same rules apply for video conferences. Be sure to look into the camera and speak clearly with conviction to deliver your message and express your thoughts and ideas.

Try your best to dodge these mistakes and avoid embarrassment in your next video conference. Do you have any video conferencing wisdom you would like to impart upon your peers? Share your advice on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

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Don't Make These Video Conferencing Mistakes
Steer clear of embarrassing moments and wasted time by avoiding these mistakes when you are participating in video calls and video conferences.

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