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How To Setup The Comdial DX-80 Auto Attendant

Businesses that rely heavily on their Comdial telephone system to reach customers and clients may find the Comdial DX-80 Auto Attendant very helpful. The Auto Attendant acts as a virtual receptionist, answering incoming calls with pre-recorded messages and prompt and routing them appropriately. Whether it is used to mitigate overflow call traffic, after hours, or for full receptionist duties, you will find that both your employees and callers will benefit from the convenience of Auto Attendant.

How It Works
When an incoming call rings, the Auto Attendant will answer the call by going “off-hook” and greet the caller with a pre-recorded greeting (DAY/ALT/EVE).

Following the greeting, the caller will then be prompted to either dial the extension of the party they are trying to reach or choose from a list of voiced options to route their call to a specific department or group.

The Auto Attendant then listens to the digits dialed by the caller and plays the pre-recorded phrase “Please hold…” (WAITING MSG)

Next, the Auto Attendant calls the required extension by hook-flashing and dialing the extension number, and listens for a busy tone, ring tone, answer, etc.

If the extension is busy, the caller hears the BUSY MSG. If the extension does not answer, the caller hears the NO ANSWER MSG.

Messages & Greetings
Here are the different types of messages/greetings you can record:

DAY GREETING – This is the greeting callers hear when your system is in “DAY” mode (i.e. during business hours).

ALT GREETING – This is the greeting callers hear when your system is in “ALTernate” mode.

EVE GREETING – This is the greeting callers hear when your system is in “EVEning” mode (i.e. after hours).

WAITING MSG. – This is the message callers hear after their call has been processed.

INVALID MSG. – This is the message callers hear when that have dialed a number that is not defined in the DX-80 system directory.

BUSY MSG. – This is the message callers hear when they have dialed an extension number that is busy.

NO_ANS MSG. – This is the messages callers hear when the extension they entered does not answer the call. Another extension request may be made at this time.

BYE MSG. – This is the message callers hear when the DX-80 system is about to disconnect them. This occurs when the caller dials nothing after a Busy Message or No Answer message has been played.

INQUIRY MSG. – This is a special message that can provide callers with information without ever having to be handled by a live person (ex. directions to the office, office hours).

TEMP MSG. – This is a message that can be used to announce periodic or planned events (ex. holidays).

Enter Attendant Administration from any digital speakerphone.

Press ! [#] [0].

Enter the Tenant Group (1, 2, or 3) for which settings will be made and then press [save].

Enter the Attendant Password for the selected Tenant Group.

Press [show]. The display should read “SVC MODE CHANGE.”

Press [next]. The display should read “AUTO_A MESSAGE.”

Press [show]. The display should read “1.DAY GREETING.” Please note that the button LED is lit during Automated Attendant setup session, indicating that the speakerphone microphone will be active during the record portions of set up. Alternatively, the handset may be used for recording.

To record this greeting, press [show]. The display will show “RECORD TIME :xx” (xx=current time allotted to this message).
To change the total length allotted to this message, press [chg]. Enter the new time in seconds (00-99) then press [save].

Press [play] to hear the current contents of this greeting/message.
The display shows “AUTO_ATT NO. :1” indicating that you will hear the recorded greeting for the first port. Keep in mind that there are four ports. Each recorded simultaneously during the “record” operation. You may use the [chg] function to playback each individual port to test each for proper operation.

Press [record] to begin recording this greeting (recording begins immediately). (Note: The length of the message/greeting recorded cannot exceed the allotted time length for this message/greeting). Press [stop] to end the recording of this message. (Note: if the Record Time is exceeded, the record operation will end automatically).

Press the HOLD button to return to the previous level of setup (“1.DAY GREETING”).

To skip to the next greeting/message, press [next]. The display will show “2.ALT GREETING.”

Follow the aforementioned steps to playback and record all greetings/messages.

When finished, press or hang up the handset to end the setup session.

If you have any questions regarding your Comdial system or Auto Attendant, please contact your system administrator.

Get the Comdial DX-80 Auto Attendant and other Comdial phones and equipment online at To place an order over the phone, please call 800-564-8045 to speak with our sales team.

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