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How To Change The Date & Time On The Vodavi Starplus STS Phone

By now, we all have had time to adjust to the commencement of Daylight Saving Time, but have your desk phones? If you have the Vodavi Starplus STS phone and need to change the date or time, follow these steps.

In order to change the date and time on the Vodavi Starplus STS, you will need to access the System Administrator Mailbox.

1. Begin by pressing the Voice Mail button or dial 440.

2. When the system answers, dial [*#] followed by the System Administrator Mailbox number:

[#] + [0] = two-digit mailbox system
[#] + [00] = three-digit mailbox system
[#] + [000] = four-digit mailbox system

The system will announce: “Mailbox 15-00“, which is the System Administrator Mailbox number. Note: This number does not conflict with Mailbox 15 in a two-digit mailbox system.

3. When requested, enter the System Administrator password (Default: [9] + [#] + [56]).

4. The System Administrator Mailbox menu will prompt you to select an option. Press [4] to Set Date and Time.

5. After the prompt, press:

[1] to review data – The current date and time settings in the Voice Mail are announced, and then you are returned to the Administrator Options Menu.


[2] to change data – After the first prompt, enter the time in four-digit military time format (ex. enter 0930 for 9:30am or 1830 for 6:30pm). After the second prompt, enter the date as a six-digit number in MMDDYY format. You are then returned to the prompt that asks if you want to review data, change data, or exit.


[*] to exit – You are returned to the Administrator Options Menu.

6. When you finish setting Date and Time activities, you have three choices:

Press [1] through [9] to select another System Administrator’s task to perform.
Press [*] to return to the system Main CCR Menu.
Press [*] + [*] to exit the system completely.

And that is how you change the date and time on your Vodavi Starplus STS phone. Please see your System Administrator for further questions.

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