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Aastra M8009 Phone: Memory Keys

The Aastra M8009 phone provides six memory keys to save frequently called numbers (such as phone numbers for customers or business associates) or feature codes for telephone services.

To save a telephone number or feature code in memory:

  1. Lift the receiver and wait for a dial tone (the tone will continue while you save).
  2. Press SAVE.
  3. Press a memory key.
  4. Use the dial pad to enter the telephone number or feature code.
  5. Press SAVE.

Saving a pause in memory:
PBX or Centrex users may want to program a pause – to receive a second dial tone – into a saved number. When you save the number, press HOLD where the pause should occur. For example: 9 [HOLD] 800-555-1234.

Erasing A Number
You can clear the number from a memory key in two ways: you can erase the number, or you can save a new number over the old one.

To erase a memory key:

  1. Lift the receiver and wait for a dial tone (the dial tone will continue while you erase).
  2. Press SAVE.
  3. Press the memory key that you wish to erase.
  4. Press SAVE.
  5. Hang up the receiver.

And that is how you program the memory keys on your Aastra M8009 phone. If you have any questions, please see your System Administrator.

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