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Programming Custom Buttons On The ShoreTel 230 IP Phone

Ideal for the office environment, the ShoreTel 230 IP phone offers excellent features and functions. Some of these features and functions include an intuitive visual interface, quick dialer directory, and custom keys.

You can program the custom keys on your IP 230 phone as shortcuts to operations that would normally require pressing two or three buttons to accomplish the same task.

Note: Contact your System Administrator to verify that you have permissions to configure the programmable buttons on your phone before proceeding.

To program the custom buttons on your IP 230 phone, follow the procedure below:

1. Press the Options button, followed by your password and then press #.

2. Scroll through the list to option 4. Program Buttons, or press 4 on the keypad.

3. Press the Edit soft key.

4. Press the custom button that you would like to program.

5. Scroll through the list of functions until you find the function that you would like to apply to this button.

Note: Your choices are limited to just Call Appearance and Dial Number (i.e. Speed Dial) when programming the buttons via the 230 interface. To program one of the other functions to your custom buttons, please contact your System Administrator, as all other functions must be programmed via ShoreWare Director.

6. When you have highlighted the desired function, press the Next soft key.

7. Enter an extension or external number. Then, press the Next soft key.

8. Press the  [1->Aa]  soft key to shift the key pad between numeric and alphabet mode,  and enter a descriptive label no longer than five characters that will remind you of the new function of the custom button.

Note: When in alphabet mode, press the appropriate key on the dial pad multiple times to scroll through the alphabet letters associated with that key. Example: For the letter “C” you would press 2 three times on the dial pad.

9. Press the Done soft key.

10. Press the Done soft key again to store your changes.

And that is how you program the custom buttons on your ShoreTel phone. For more information, please see your System Administrator.

To purchase the ShoreTel 230 IP phone or any of our other new and refurbished business phones and phone systems, please visit or call 800-564-8045. For the latest news and updates, connect with us on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

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