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Call Forwarding On The Intertel Axxess 550.8560 Phone

The Call Forwarding feature on most business phones allows you to redirect incoming calls to other phones or extensions. This allows employees more flexibility if they are out in the field or working remotely. This also benefits customers as their calls can be attended to if someone is unavailable.

The Intertel Axxess 550.8560 phone provides the Call Forwarding feature, along with other excellent calling features and a smart and durable design suited for business offices small and large. Follow along as we break down the steps to use Call Forwarding on the Intertel 8560 phone.

With the Forwarding feature, you can have calls follow you (e.g., forwarded to a cell phone), or you can redirect calls to a voice mail or other extension.

Manual Call Forwarding
Manual call forwarding allows you to send incoming calls to another extension number. You can even forward calls to outside numbers, if your phone is programmed to allow this.

To forward calls:

1. Either press FWD OR enter one of the following feature codes:

  • 355 (Call Forward All Calls): All incoming calls are forwarded without ringing at your phone.
  • 356 (Call Forward If No Answer): All incoming calls are forwarded if they are not answered before a timer expires.
    Note: Only the installer or System Administrator can adjust this timer.
  • 357 (Call Forward If Busy): When your phone is busy, all incoming calls are forwarded without ringing at your phone.
  • 358 (Call Forward If No Answer or Busy): All incoming calls are forwarded if your phone is busy or if you do not answer, as described above.

2. Do one of the following:

  • To forward to an outside telephone number: Select an outgoing line and dial a telephone number.
  • To forward to an extension number: Dial the extension number.
  • To forward to your message center: Press MSG.

To cancel any call forward request:

  • Press FWD and then press SPEAKER.

Redirect Call
Note: This feature is available only with versions 5.3 and later Axxess software.

The Redirect Call feature allows you to forward any call that is ringing on your phone without having to answer the call.

Note: You cannot redirect calls to an extension that is in DND or to a restricted outside number.

To redirect a call to an extension number:

  1. Press the Special Key () and dial 331.
  2. Dial the extension number.

To redirect a call to an outside telephone number:

  1. Press the Special Key () and dial 331.
  2. Enter the outside number.

Automatic System Forwarding
Automatic System Forwarding allows your System Administrator to route calls based on the type of call and the status of your telephone. Although you cannot program the path of a system forward, you can enable or disable this feature on your phone.

To enable or disable System Forwarding:

  • Dial 354.

And that is how you use the Forwarding feature on the Intertel Axxess 550.8560 phone. Please see your System Administrator for more information.

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