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Conference Calls On The Vodavi Starplus STS 3515 Phone

Conference calling is an indispensable feature for businesses as it allows employees to easily communicate and collaborate with fellow employees and clients in remote locations. Finding a quality business phone that delivers exceptional features including an easy to use conferencing feature is key. The Vodavi Starplus STS 3515 phone offers a smart design and convenient features, including conferencing. With the Vodavi Starplus STS 3515 phone, you may conduct conference calls with up to eight other parties. Follow along as we break down the steps on how to use the conference feature on the Vodavi Starplus STS phone.

Please note that only stations that have conference enabled can institute a conference.

  • Add-On Conference – Up to eight internal parties can engage in a conference, or seven internal parties with one external party. A maximum of five 8-party conference (five external parties maximum) can be established.
  • Multi-Line Conference – One internal station can engage in a conference with up to four outside parties.
    Note: A maximum of eight parties can be included in a conference.

To establish a Conference:

  1. Lift the handset.
  2. Select an intercom station or dial desired outside party.
  3. When the called party answers, press the CONF button.
  4. Add the next conference party by selecting another outside line or intercom station, or by using the Soft Key’s ADD MEM option.
  5. If the next conference party is an outside line and a busy or wrong number is encountered, press one of the conference parties on hold – this drops the busy or wrong number party. Press the CONF button again and repeat step 4.
  6. When the last party answers, press the CONF button twice (all parties will be connected).

To exit a Conference (controller only):
For a Single-line conference:

  1. Press the ON/OFF button to ON.
  2. Press the MUTE button, then replace the handset to monitor the conference.

For a Multi-line conference:

  1. Press the HOLD button to place outside parties on hold. The Hold Timer starts. If one of the two parties is internal, that party is dropped.
  2. Either press CONF and hang up or press the ON/OFF button or use the Soft Key’s EXIT option to leave the other conference parties still connected in an unsupervised conference. The CONF button flashes and the timer starts. There is a warning tone before the other parties are dropped.

To re-enter a Conference:
When the controller re-enters the conference, the disconnect timer is reset.

  1. Lift the handset to re-enter a monitored conference.
  2. To re-enter a conference placed on hold, repeat steps for establishing a conference.
  3. To re-enter an unsupervised conference, lift the handset and press the flashing CONF button or use the Soft Key’s RE-ENTER option. The CONF button will light steady and a confirmation tone will sound.

To terminate a Conference, the conference initiator who is actively in the conference must:

  • Replace the handset or press the ON/OFF button to OFF.

To terminate an Unsupervised Conference:

  • Press the flashing CONF button or use the Soft Key’s END option while on-hook, all parties will be dropped.

To terminate a party during a Conference Call:

  1. Press the line button of the party you wish to drop.
  2. Replace the handset or press the ON/OFF button.
  3. Lift the handset or press the ON/OFF button.
  4. Press the flashing CONF button.

Single Line Telephone
To set up a Conference with one external and one other internal station:

  1. Place an outside call.
  2. Briefly depress and release the hookswitch to put the call on hold.
  3. Dial the number of the internal station you wish to add.
  4. When that station answers, briefly depress and release the hookswitch again. All three parties will be connected.

To set up a Conference with Personal Park:

  1. While connected to an outside line, depress the hookswitch momentarily. The intercom dial tone will sound.
  2. Dial 438. The first call will be placed in Personal Park.
  3. Dial the desired number for the second call.
  4. Depress the hookswitch momentarily. The Intercom dial tone will sound.
  5. Dial the code for SLT Conference Park (664). All three parties will be conference.
  6. Hang up to terminate the conference.

And that is how you use the conference call feature on the Vodavi Starplus STS 3515 phone. Please see your System Administrator for further information.

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