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Accessing Voicemail On the Intertel Axxess 550.8520 Phone

Your voice mailbox enables you to receive important messages when you are away from your desk or cannot answer calls for whatever reason. With the Intertel Axxess 550.8520 phone, accessing your mailbox and retrieving messages is made easy.

When you access your mailbox, the system may play one of the following messages:

  • Mailbox Almost Full or Full: If your mailbox is full, no new messages can be retrieved until you delete waiting or saved messages.
  • Message Count: The system tells you how many messages are waiting to be heard, if any, and how many are priority messages.
  • Remote Messaging: The system will indicate whether primary or alternate Remote Messaging is selected when the Remote Messaging feature is enabled. It will also alert you if a programming error has been detected and/or if it encountered busy system resources when attempting to place a Remote Messaging Call.

To access your mailbox:

  1. Dial the voice mail extension number (you hear the main menu).
  2. During or after the greeting, press * to identify yourself as a subscriber.
  3. Enter your mailbox number and your personal password (if programmed). Then press #.

Note: If you do not have a password, just press #. Setting a password prevents unauthorized access to your mailbox.

Tip: Generally speaking, pressing # during any voice mail operation will advance you to the next step. For example, when leaving a voice mail message for another voice mail user, you can press # to skip the person’s introductory message and proceed directly to the recording phase. Similarly, while listening to messages, you can press # to skip the system-generated voice prompts and proceed directly to the playback phase. You can also press * to cancel or return to the previous menu at any menu level.

And that is how you access your voice mailbox on the Intertel Axxess 550.8520 phone. If you have further questions, please see your System Administrator.

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