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Memory Dialing On The Vodavi Starplus 2802 Phone

No matter what type of office or business environment, the Vodavi Starplus 2802 phone is a smart choice. Affordable, durable, and feature-rich, the Vodavi Starplus 2802 phone provides users with excellent benefits.

Of the many features this phone offers is Memory Dialing. This allows users to store ten frequently dialed telephone numbers in the telephone memory. A number stored in memory can be accessed with one-touch of a Speed Dial button.

Memory Retention Time
Typically, the numbers you choose to store will remain in memory until they are overwritten with a new number. If the telephone is “unplugged” from an active telephone line, stored numbers will only stay in memory for 24 hours.

To store a telephone number in memory:
1. Lift the handset, or press the SPKR button.
2. Then press the STORE button.
3. Dial the number you want to store into memory.
• The choices are: 0-9, *, #, PAUSE, or FLASH (Use the REDIAL button for Pause function).
4. Press one of the ten Speed Dial buttons where you want to store that telephone number.
• To enter multiple memory locations, press the hookswitch and repeat Steps 2-4 for each number you want to store.
5. When finished, hang up the handset.

Note: A dial tone will be heard while performing this operation.

To dial a telephone numbers stored in memory:
1. Lift the handset, or press the SPKR button.
2. Press the Speed Dial button where you stored the number.

And that is how you use the Memory Dialing feature on the Vodavi Starplus 2802 phone. For more information, please see your System Administrator.

For affordable prices on the Vodavi Starplus 2802 phone and other new and refurbished business phones and equipment, please visit or call 800-564-8045. You can also connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest for the latest updates.

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