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Speed Dial On The NEC Aspire Phone

NEC Aspire phones are reliable business phones which offer great quality for a cost-effective price. Some of its exceptional features include 12 user-programmable function keys with dual LEDs, handsfree answerback, intercom voice announcements, and speed dial.

The speed dial feature makes it easier for users to dial frequently called clients or contacts. Rather than dialing the entire number, you can access and call a contact by entering a speed dial code. Programming and using this feature on the NEC Aspire phone is simple – just follow these steps.

Program A New Speed Dial
1. Press SPEAKER key.
2. Enter 853.
3. Enter a speed dial code (000-999).
4. Enter the desired telephone number you want to store (up to 24 digits).
Note: Do NOT enter a 9 before the telephone number.
5. Press HOLD key.
6. Spell out the name using the dial pad.
Note: Press # to move cursor to the right, or press CONF key to move cursor to the left.
7. Press HOLD key.
8. Press SPEAKER key.

To Use Speed Dial
1. Lift handset or press SPEAKER key.
2. Press REDIAL key.
3. Enter desired code.
1. Press DIR.
2. Press SPD.
3. Use arrow keys to scroll OR press a letter on the dial pad then use arrow keys to scroll.

Delete A Speed Dial
1. Press SPEAKER key.
2. Enter 853.
3. Enter the Code you would like to delete (000-999).
4. When the name and number appear, press CLEAR (top left key).
5. Press SPEAKER key.

And that is how you use the speed dial feature on the NEC Aspire phone. If you have any further questions, please see your System Administrator.

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