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Messaging On The InterTel Axxess 550.8560 Phone

The InterTel Axxess 550.8560 phone is a cost-effective option for business offices. Users appreciate the smart design, ease of use, and convenient features that the InterTel Axxess 550.8560 phone provides. Among the features is system messaging, which allows you to leave messages for others and set reminders for yourself.

Inter-station messages are alerts sent to your phone by other internal parties, notifying you to contact the party who left the message. The Message button and Message Indicator lamp notify you of the new message. You can then either delete the message or reply to the message, which automatically places a call to the party who left the message.

Leaving Messages At Other Extensions
You can leave inter-station or voice mail messages for other internal parties.

To leave an inter-station or voice mail message for a busy IC extension:

  1. Press MSG of the LEAVE MESSAGE menu button. HANG UP OR WAIT FOR MSG CENTER appears.
  2. Do one of the following:
  • Hang up to leave an inter-station message. MESSAGE LEFT FOR <name> appears.
  • Stay on the line to connect to the message center (usually voice mail).

To leave an inter-station message without placing an internal call:

  1. Dial 367 (Leave Message), or press MSG and then press the LEAVE MESSAGE menu button. LEAVE MESSAGE ON EXTENSION appears.
  2. Enter the extension number. MESSAGE LEFR FOR <name> appears.

Viewing & Responding To Messages
When you have new messages, the MSG button and Message Indicator lamp are lit. The display shows the number of new messages.

The display shows new messages as follows:

  • Inter-station messages sent by other internal parties are indicated by the party’s programmed user name.
  • Voice messages are indicated by FROM MBOX <your extension number>.

To view or respond to messages:

  1. With the handset on-hook, press the MSG button. Messages are displayed as first in/first out. If there is more than one message, you can repeatedly press the MSG button or the NEXT and PREVIOUS menu buttons to scroll through the messages.
  2. When the desired message is displayed, press # or lift the handset for privacy, and then press # or the REPLY menu button to respond. (If your handset is off-hook and you press the MSG button, you automatically place a call to the party or message center that left the message).

Canceling Messages Left At Other Extensions
You can cancel messages left at other extensions.

To cancel a message left at another extension:

  1. Dial 366 or press MSG, and then press the CANCEL MESSAGE menu button. CANCEL MESSAGE ON EXT # appears.
  2. Enter the extension number where you left the message. MESSAGE CANCELED FOR <name> appears.

Deleting Waiting Inter-Station Messages
You can delete waiting inter-station messages.
Note: To delete waiting voice messages, you must connect to your voice mailbox.

To delete waiting inter-station messages:

  1. Press MSG or the VIEW MESSAGE menu button. MSG <message information> appears.
  2. Press * or the DELETE menu button to delete the displayed message.

And that is how you use messaging on the InterTel Axxess 550.8560 phone. Please see your System Administrator for further questions.

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