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Conferencing Calls On The Comdial Impression 2022S Phone

Conference calls allow you to converse with multiple parties over a single call. This makes it easier for businesses to collaborate with workers in remote locations and can help save time and travel costs. On the Comdial Impression 2022S phone, conferencing calls is a simple and effective task. Follow these steps to learn how to use this feature.

To set up a conference call that includes any combination of outside lines and intercom parties:

  1. Make the first call.
  2. Press TRANSFER/CONFERENCE (this places the call on hold).
  3. Select the next line and make the next call.
  4. Press TRANSFER/CONFERENCE to establish the conference.
  5. Repeat the last three steps to add up to two more parties for a 5-party conference (including yourself) when using the DXP system.
    Note: When using a DXP Plus system, you can have up to seven parties (including yourself) on a conference call.

To retrieve a line from hold and bring that party into the conference:

  2. Press the line button.
    Note: If all conference circuits are busy, you will not be able to add a party to the conference. The message “Conference Full” will appear in your display.

To continue conversation on the remaining line after other outside lines have dropped out of conference:

  1. Press the line button of the remaining party.

To drop out of a conference call between you and two outside lines (creating an unsupervised conference):

  1. Dial # (lines remain lighted and in use until one or both outside parties disconnect; when only one party drops out of an unsupervised conference, the other party remains on hold until hanging up or reconnecting with you on line).
    Note: The installer must program your system to include this feature or it will not operate as described.

To rejoin an unsupervised conference between two outside lines:

  1. Press TAP.
    Note: Conference volume levels depend upon the quality of external lines.

And that is how you make conference calls on the Comdial Impression 2022S phone. Please see your System Administrator for more information.

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