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Holding Calls On The Comdial Impact 8012S Phone

The Comdial Impact 8012S phone boasts exceptional call handling features that help to enable multitasking for users and increase productivity for businesses overall. In addition, Comdial phones are known for delivering excellent performance and reliability, making them an ideal desk phone for various business office settings.

When it comes to call handling, the Comdial Impact 8012S phone offers users different ways to place a call on hold and retrieve it later. To learn how to use the Hold feature, follow these steps.

With a regular hold, you can pick up the held call at your telephone or another user can pick the call up at a telephone sharing the held call line appearance.

To place a call on hold:

1. Press HOLD (station button) or select Hold (interactive button).

To retrieve a held call:

2. Press the line button of the held call (with winking green light), or INTERCOM for intercom call held or press TAP.
3. Speak toward the telephone or lift the handset if privacy is desired.

Note: Unless you use your HOLD button to scroll through the calls on hold, TAP always retrieves the last number placed on hold, regardless of whether you have line appearance for the line on which the call is holding.

Exclusive Hold
With an exclusive hold condition, you must pick up the held call at your telephone; no other telephone has access to the call.

To place a call on exclusive hold:

1. Press HOLD twice.

To retrieve exclusive hold:

2. Press the line button of the held call (with winking green light), or press TAP.
3. Speak toward the telephone or lift the handset if privacy is desired.

Handling Hold Recalls
After a call has been on hold for the period of time (set by the installer of your system), the system causes four quick hold recall tone bursts to sound at your telephone, the flash rate of the line button becomes faster and the light becomes orange. If the call is on exclusive hold, it will revert to manual hold after the hold recall period.

If a held line is recalling, choose one of the following:

  1. Select Hold to place the call on hold at your station and restart hold timer.
  2. Lift the handset, press the line button (with flashing orange light) or select Answer to retrieve the call.

Using Directed Call Hold
The installer can add a directed station hold feature to your telephone. With this feature, you can place a call on hold at another station. You can also pick up the held call that has been waiting the longest length of time at another telephone.

To place a call on directed station hold:

  1. Answer the call.
  2. Press INTERCOM or TRNS/CONF if intercom call.
  3. Dial *90.
  4. Dial the extension number of the station to receive the held call.
  5. Hang up.

To retrieve a held call at another station:

  1. Press INTERCOM.
  2. Dial #90.
  3. Dial the extension number of the station where the call is currently on hold.
  4. Press TAP to answer the call.

Selecting Specific Held Calls
Often, you will have more than one call on hold at your station. You know you can retrieve the last call placed on hold simply by pressing TAP; however, if you do not have line appearance for a line on which another call is holding, the system provides a way for you to access that call before servicing the last call you placed on hold.

To scan your held calls and retrieve a specific one:

  1. Repeatedly press HOLD to scan held call list.
  2. Press TAP to retrieve call.

And that is how you hold and retrieve calls on the Comdial Impact 8012S phone. Please see your System Administrator for further questions.

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