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Holding Calls On The Nortel M7310 Phone

If you’re looking for a reliable desk phone that offers quality design and smart features, the Nortel M7310 phone is the one for you. Designed for more extensive call handling, the Nortel M7310 phone is ideal for users who are constantly making and receiving calls.

High call volumes make the Hold feature very important. Placing a call on hold affords you time to look up information, create a conference call, or transfer the call to the appropriate party. To learn how to use the Hold feature on the Nortel M7310 phone, follow these steps.

In general, you can hold as many calls as your phone can receive.

  • The held call will still occupy the call appearance on which it was made or answered.
  • While held, the caller will hear music on hold. If your system does not have music on hold available, the caller will hear double beep tones every few seconds.
  • If you have more than one call on your phone, either held or connected, you can start a conference between yourself and the calls.

Calls that you have held will recall to your phone when it is idle if they have been on hold for too long. The default hold timeout for the telephone systems is 15 seconds, but can be changed by the System Administrator. Hold recall calls ignore any Forwarding or Do Not Disturb settings you have set.

Please Note: You can hold a conference call in the same way as holding a normal call. Holding the conference call does not affect the other conference parties who can continue talking. You will also still be listed as a member of the conference call in the conference details.

  • Warning: This only applies to conference calls hosted by your own telephone system. Holding your call to a conference hosted on another telephone system will cause the conference to hear your system’s music on hold.

Holding A Call

  1. To put your current call on hold, press the Hold button or the call’s appearance button.
  2. The held call will be indicated by its appearance key changing to a fast flashing SOLID TRIANGLE (▲) icon.
  3. While held, the caller will hear music on hold. If your system does not have music on hold available, the caller will instead hear double beep tones every few seconds.

Taking A Call Off Hold
If you have a currently connected call, that call will be automatically put on hold.

  1. Press the appearance button with the fast flashing ▲ icon.

Switching Between Calls
You can switch between calls by pressing the call appearance button of the call to which you want to talk. The button indicators will show which call you are currently talking to.

  • A slow flashing ▲ icon indicates a call waiting to be answered.
  • A steady ▲ icon indicates the currently connected call.
  • A fast flashing ▲ icon indicates a held call.

Transferring A Held Call
When you already have a call on hold and a call connected, you can connect them by starting a conference. Press FEATURE 3. Your current call and the held call will be connected. You can now drop yourself from the conference.

And that is how you use the Hold feature on the Nortel M7310 phone. Please see your System Administrator for further information.

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