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The Value of Business Networking was present at this month’s networking luncheon hosted by the Pomona Chamber of Commerce. Stephanie Granado and Suzi Helfing from our product development team attended this event and we were very pleased with the experience. The luncheon was held at the Coco Palm restaurant in Pomona, California. In addition to the fine Cuban cuisine and excellent service provided by the Coco Palm, we were privileged to meet and greet with local business owners, representatives, as well as the members and directors of the Pomona Chamber of Commerce.

The entire event was about two hours long, starting with a delicious lunch including a buffet with everything from a salad bar, to fried plantains, and fine Cuban cuisine. We took our seats and chatted with the people around us at the table for the first half hour, and then each of the representatives took turns making introductions and described the products and services that their company’s provide. When it was our turn we explained how our company would be able to meet any of their business communications needs. After the introductions, we were all given the chance to ask any questions we had for the other businesses there. The unique promotional feature at this event was “The Networking Table” – a long table with all of the attendee’s business cards, pamphlets, and brochures for everyone to take. After the Q&A session, we got to mingle with the other representatives and exchange business cards and information.

It is very important for small businesses to attend these types of events and establish relationships with other local businesses so that they can get their name out in the community and extend the horizons of their network.

Networking opens many doors for doing business whether it be through word of mouth referrals, extending a hand by making your business’ presence known, or simply “planting a seed” for possible future business. We also found that another key aspect of networking is building relationships. It can be very easy for a customer to feel lost in the crowd or feel like just another number. By attending this luncheon and interacting with other professionals we came back to the office with a keen insight as to what building relationships is all about.

In closing, business networking is a very important tool for any business. Making contacts, advertising your business and building relationships are key aspects of not only gaining new customers for your business, but also maintaining your current customers by staying in touch and once again, building that relationship. We look forward to future networking functions and opportunities to meet and possibly provide our community with our services.

On behalf of, Inc we would like to thank the Coco Palm restaurant, the Pomona Chamber of Commerce and everyone present at the luncheon for a fabulous afternoon.


Stephanie Granado & Suzi Helfing
Product Development, Inc.

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