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Mitel Superset 4001

The simple design and affordability of the Mitel Superset 4001 may fool you; this single-line digital phone integrates basic features with great functionality. Compatible with the SX-200 ML/EL or the SX-2000, the Mitel Superset 4001 is user-friendly and perfect for those who require fundamental access to telephony features.

Superset 4001

Mitel Superset 4001

The Mitel Superset 4001 has 6 fixed-function keys in addition to 7 programmable keys, great for places with a mild to moderate call volume. Speed dialing, call hold, call forward, call transfers, and the ability to set-up conference calls are just a few of the many functions the sensible phone has to offer. The Mitel Superset 4001 also has voicemail access, accompanied by a large message waiting lamp, assuring that your messages are not overlooked. Compatibility is important when installing and using the Mitel Superset 4001. This phone works with the Mitel SX-2000 (Mitel Lightware 29 or higher) or the Mitel SX-200 (Mitel Lightware 17 or higher).

The Mitel Superset 4001 is ideal for hotel lobbies, classrooms, shop floors, retail stores and more. The tilting base and ability to be mounted to the wall makes the phone flexible for placement, comfort and convenience. Because this phone works best in areas where call handling is modest, its simplicity can go a long way. Offering features at a reasonable price, the Mitel Superset 4001 is very practical for those on a budget.

Easy to use with excellent features at an affordable price, the Mitel Superset 4001 is the ultimate choice. If you have any questions please call us at 1-800-564-8045, and our sales staff will gladly assist you.

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