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When Should I Replace My Nortel Networks Phone System?

Have you had your Nortel Networks phone system for some time now? Are you encountering problems such as freezing, dropped calls, the inability to make or receive calls? It could very well be time to replace your system. Financially it may not be a good time, but it is something to consider. There are different avenues & the benefits of Refurbished Phone Systemsupgrading will pay off.

If you’ve had your Nortel Networks phone system for years, you may be accustomed to it, and like many other things we get used to, it may be hard to let go. For those who are averse to change, the following troubleshooting tips may help.

In a last attempt to salvage your system, contact your service provider to verify any problems that could affect your phone system. After ruling out any external problems, it’s time to look at your actual equipment. Be sure that lines are installed correctly and the wires or cables are properly connected, and check for a dial tone. To reset the phone’s connection and network settings, take the handset off the hook then disconnect the telephone line for at least 30 seconds. Replace the handset and reconnect the line. If this still doesn’t work, you can try a factory reset.

To do a factory reset you will need your Media Access Control address (MAC) which should have been provided with your equipment. You will need to dial “**Renew “ and your MAC address. A dial tone will indicate the reset is complete. Your last resort would be contacting a technician that specializes in Nortel Network phone systems.

If your phone system didn’t survive those trials, you have options for upgrading or replacing your system. You can simply upgrade to the newer versions of Nortel equipment to avoid having to learn a new system. If your budget is your concern, refurbished equipment is a smart alternative. You may even be able to find the same models you currently use. If problems with your Nortel Networks phone system have convinced you to change manufacturers, there are endless choices out there.

While the upgrade may set you back in the financial department, having a reliable, functioning phone system will help your business run more efficiently. You can avoid minor hiccups that interfere with your business relations while decreasing your personal frustration with your system. Advanced features may make devices more user-friendly and provide shortcuts to common functions.

If you need help deciding which route to take, feel free to contact us at 1-800-564-8045. Visit – we carry new and refurbished equipment and our staff is well-versed on various systems.

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