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Video Phones In The Workplace

Our forms of communication have become increasingly detached as our technology progresses. From smart phones to texting, the value of a face to face conversation has diminished over time. For the Paul Hastings law firm, an attempt to bring back meaningful conversations is in the works.

This law firm is implementing a video phone telecommunication system throughout their offices worldwide. In an attempt to replicate in-person contact, employees’ offices are equipped with video phones. While some have adopted this system, others are reluctant to fully participate, tilting the camera to display the ceiling or even blocking the camera.

With video phones, it’s hard to be distracted during a call, as it simulates a face to face interaction. This keeps you focused on the conversation at hand while minimizing miscommunications. It will also help workers build stronger relationships with clients and co-workers.

Concerns may stem from the inability to really multitask while conversing. The argument can be made that it is quality over quantity of work. Also, some may be concerned with appearance, no longer able to hide behind the phone line or computer. While these vanity issues seem like a nuisance, making an effort to look presentable can boost confidence. Increased confidence can improve mood and positively influence productivity.

Fiscally, this is fairly significant endeavor. The firm believes these video phones are a sound investment. Despite those who approach these phones with hesitation, the goal is to make video conferencing as common as email. Over time, workers will hopefully warm up

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Video Phones

to the new system and the firm will experience stronger connections.

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