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How Unified Communications Can Help Your Business

Unified communications (UC) offers a way to bring all your various modes of communication together, making it easier for you to connect with people. There are many ways that these UC services are offered, whether hosted in the cloud, managed on site, or a mix of both with managed service providers. Managed service providers (MSPs) can help businesses and potential clients understand what different UC options are out there, and which type would best service their company.

Unified Communications, The Cloud, & Integration

With an option to host UC in the cloud, businesses see a reduced cost among other benefits. By saving money and providing convenience, UC becomes more feasible for different businesses with different budgets and demands. A cloud UC packages typically includes some, if not all, of the following: voice, unified messaging (voice messages sent through email or text), instant messaging, presence, mobility (smart phone replaces hard phone), along with audio, Web, and video conferencing.

The cloud also offers the more flexible option of making use of your existing on-premise tools in conjunction with cloud services. While this isn’t quite a full migration from on-premise to cloud services, it offers a happy medium for customers who need it. Integration allows businesses to easily transition from their current system to the cloud with the help of an integrator. With this option, should you feel so inclined, you may choose different services from different providers to your liking, to create the UC service you desire.

Hosted UC & Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

A hosted solution may be easier for some businesses, but can be a bit more complicated to decide upon. Managed services can be convenient, but often businesses prefer a mix of managed services and cloud UC to create a more tailored experience for their business. Figuring out which hosted services you would like and who will manage them will require specific outlines of what your business wants to achieve with UC. Most MSPs have ways to determine what businesses need and how to find the right fit for them.

Choosing What’s Right For You

Much like the method previously mentioned, answering a series of questions in relation to your goal and desired outcome with UC will help determine what you need in your UC platform. Different packages and services may be better suited for different needs. Depending on your employees, your work environment, and the size of your business, some features will make more sense for you to utilize than others. Consulting with an expert in the field may help you find the UC system for you. But ultimately, your UC system is only effective if your employees adopt it.

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