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Unified Communications For Hospitality

More and more hotels are turning to technology for an improved customer experience. Instead of checking in with a clerk, you may be greeted with a tablet. Rather than using a standard room key, you may use your smart device to unlock your room. Because of this shift toward a more connected and cohesive hotel experience, hotels may want to consider upgrading from legacy systems to unified communications.

Cloud-based PBX systems offer unified communication services which improve the overall customer experience. Here’s how:

Enhanced Guest Services
Communications with guests goes beyond the guestroom phone. With cloud-based unified communications, there are numerous ways to connect to your guests and provide them with excellent amenities. For example, for the business center, you can provide high definition video conferencing, or you may allow housekeepers to provide real-time updates via tablets when rooms are ready. You can even enable curbside check-in and check-out for a more seamless and convenient customer experience.

Increased Productivity For Mobile Workforce
Hospitality workers are always on the move. Instead of mobile phones, walkie talkies, or other devices, you can connect your workers through a single app which incorporates voice, video, presence, messaging and other services to make workers more efficient. By providing unified communications across a highly mobile workforce, you are enabling improved convenience and communication which results in better productivity.

Low Total Cost Of Ownership
Maintaining old equipment can be stressful and costly. Because unified communications is more so a service rather than hardware that you purchase, the total cost of ownership is reduced. The price of cloud services includes maintenance, management, and support, while allowing you to easily manage your system across multiple locations. A shift from Capital Expenditure (CapEx) with legacy systems to Operating Expenditure (OpEx) makes Cloud-based unified communications a smarter, more affordable option.

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Unified Communications For Hospitality
Learn how unified communications and cloud-based services can improve your next customer experience at your favorite hotel.

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