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Adopting Unified Communications

Unified communications (UC) integrates your communications services, including (but not limited to) instant messaging/chat, voice (including Voice over IP), and web and video conferencing. For businesses, this can be very helpful since, aside from communications, it merges your payments into a monthly fee. Not to mention it is designed to be user friendly and convenient.

If you have a legacy phone system, you may have some reservations about adopting UC. Much like upgrading your system, implementing UC within your business can seem like a daunting task. Whether your concerns lie in the cost, time, effort, or all of the above, it is best to remember that these are small feats for long term benefits.

To help you, here are some common obstacles that companies face when making the transition, and ways to easily tackle them.

Existing Contracts
Unified communications allows you to consolidate your equipment and services so that you are making one single payment to your UC provider. Unfortunately, you may have contracts with your current providers that have yet to expire. Because the different contracts may not expire on the same day, many UC providers will work with you. Instead of paying early termination fees to make the switch, UC providers can install a system with core capabilities (ex. business telephony and the PBX system) which will allow you to add additional products and services as needed at a later date (i.e. once your contracts end).

VoIP Performance
When VoIP was first introduced in the late 90s, users experienced bad sound quality and cut-outs, which is why some people are still wary of UC. However, these early performance issues can be attributed to poor internet speeds. Broadband has come a long way and since then, eliminating any issues with performance. Thanks to the presence of high speed fiber optic connections in most places, any previous VoIP problems are a thing of the past with modern cloud UC systems.

Staff Adoptions
Staff adoption always plays a major role for businesses introducing a new system or process. With UC, because there are so many features, businesses worry that employees may not use the resources effectively. Or that they will struggle with learning the new system. Luckily, UC systems are being built with the end-user in mind. R&D teams are working to provide a user-friendly interface across all platforms, operating systems, and devices.

In the long run, you can save money while boosting productivity and efficiency within your business with unified communications. Are you still hesitant to take the plunge? Have you adopted a unified communications system? Share your thoughts, concerns, or experiences with us on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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Adopting Unified Communications
The first step is the scariest part in adopting unified communications. From there, you will start to see the benefits of your decision in no time.

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