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How To Forward Calls On The Avaya Definity 8110 Phone


Do you know how to forward calls on your Avaya Definity 8110 phone? Don’t worry, we will carefully guide you through the steps, and you may even watch our tutorial video if you need extra help.

It is important to note that there are two types of call forwarding available on the Avaya Definity 8110 phone. First, there is Call Forwarding – Busy/Don’t Answer, which temporarily forwards your calls to another extension or the attendant when your phone is busy or you do not pick up with a preset number of rings. The Call Forwarding – Follow Me allows you to redirect your calls to an extension or outside number of your choice.

Before we begin, you will need to obtain the following codes from your System Administrator: Call Forwarding – Busy/Don’t Answer Code, Call Forwarding – Follow Me Code, Call Forward Cancel Code. These codes have been preset by your System Administrator and are necessary in order to complete the following steps.

Call Forwarding – Busy/Don’t Answer

While the phone is off the hook, dial the Call Forwarding – Busy/Don’t Answer Code. You should hear a dial tone. Then, you will dial the extension where the calls will be sent. After entering the extension, you should hear a confirmation tone. This confirmation tone consists of 3 short bursts of tone. Once you hear the confirmation tone, the feature has been set and you may hang up.

If you hear an intercept tone, or an alternating high and low sound, this means you are either attempting to forward your calls to a restricted phone, a phone with Call Forwarding – Follow Me active, or a phone in another partition or group (if you are in a  tenant services environment). If this is the case, it is advised that you speak with your System Administrator for more information.

Call Forwarding – Follow Me

While the phone is off the hook, dial the Call Forwarding – Follow Me code. You should hear a dial tone. Then, you may dial the extension or phone number where calls will be sent. After you hear the confirmation tone, the feature has been activated and you may hang up.

Note: After you have activated this feature and hung up, you may hear a half ring for each call forwarded. Some voice terminals may have restrictions on where calls can be forwarded (only on Definity Generic 2 and System 85 R2V4 and later releases). If you come across these or any other issues, please see your System Administrator.

Cancel Features

To cancel either Call Forwarding option, simply dial the Call Forward Cancel Code while off-hook and await the confirmation tone. Once you have heard the confirmation tone, you may hang up.

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