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Inter-Tel Phone Manual: How To Change The Display Name On The Inter-Tel Axxess 550.8520 Business Phone


Do you own an Inter-Tel Axxess 550.8520 business phone? Do you know how to change the display names? Let us break down the steps as you follow along.

First, you must enter Station Flag Programming from a phone with administrative functions. Keep the phone on hook and enter the Program Database feature code 9932.

If a password is required, the display will show “ENTER PASSWORD” and you may enter your 108 digit password, followed by #. If a password is not required, you may skip this step.

The display will read “ENTER DATABASE OPTION”. Press 1 or the STATION menu key.

Next, the display will read “ENTER STATION EXTENSION”. Enter the extension number of the station to be programmed using one of the following methods.

To enter a complete extension number, use the keypad. When the circuit information is displayed, press # to continue.

To enter a partial extension number, use the keypad and then press either the # key, the HIGH end of the Volume key, or the ACCEPT menu key. The display will show the extension number, username, and circuit number of the station that most closely matches the partial extension number. Press # or ACCEPT to program the displayed station, or scroll to another station.

To scroll to another station, or through the extension number list, press the HIGH end of the Volume key or the NEXT key to scroll forward. Press the LOW end of the Volume key or the PREVIOUS key to scroll backward. When the desired extension number is displayed, press # or ACCEPT to continue.

The display will now read “ENTER STATION OPTION”. To change the username, press 2 or the STATION INFO menu key. The display will show “ENTER STATION INFO OPTION” and you may press 2 or the USERNAME menu key. The display will say “ENTER USERNAME” and you may use the keypad to enter the new name.

To enter the new username in alphanumeric mode, the number of times a key is pressed determines which character is entered.  For example, to enter “JEAN” you would dial 533266. When consecutive letters in a name are on the same key, press the FWD key to advance to the next character. For example, to enter “NORM” you would dial 66 FWD 6667776.

Once you have entered the correct username, you may press # or ACCEPT to save changes and back up one display level. At anytime, you may press * or SPKR to cancel any unsaved changes and back up to exit programming.

And now you know how to change the username on your Inter-Tel Axxess 550.8520 business phone.
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