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Traditional Phone Systems: More Harm Than Good

When was the last time you updated your business phone system? Have you been holding off because of the cost or the time it would take to implement and acclimate to new equipment? You may be doing more harm than good for your business. Here are some ways that your old business phone system could be holding you back.

No Flexibility or Mobility
If you have a fixed line system, you may not have access to functions like auto attendant, department extensions, or call routing. Without these advanced functions, your customers may not be able to reach you in a timely fashion, which could hurt your customer service.

Because PBX systems require extensive hardware and expert knowledge, installation can be rather costly and may take weeks.

Single Purpose
Older phone systems were built to focus on making and receiving calls, and that’s it. We know now that all different means of communication are important and necessary for businesses. Being available via different routes of communication, such as email, text, or video conferencing, can greatly improve your business.

Lack Of Integration
Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is growing in popularity among businesses and their employees. With their own device, they can seamlessly integrate with their business system through different apps for a more comfortable approach. Older phone systems don’t support this.

No Control Over Call Routing
You want your calls to be directed to the right people for the best in service. Without call management abilities, phone calls may be answered by unqualified employees, or may even be missed without a voicemail option. Don’t disappoint your customers. Upgrade to a cloud-based system.

With a Cloud-based system, you can gain access to numerous benefits. You are able to be more flexible with your system, allowing you to take calls whether in or out of the office so that your customers always have access to you. Installation is relatively quick as you simply need to know how many phones and users will be connected. And a cloud-based system can easily grow and expand with your business. Rather than focusing solely on phone calls, a Cloud-based system offers unified communications and integration.

What other benefits or drawbacks of either traditional or Cloud-based phone systems can you think of? Share with us on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest. Visit us online for a wide selection of new and refurbished business phones and phone systems, or give us a call at 1-800-564-8045.

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Traditional Phone Systems: More Harm Than Good
Limited features and functions of your traditional phone system could be preventing your business from flourishing.

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