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How To Avoid Missing A Call On The Aastra M6320 Phone


A missed call can be a missed opportunity. You can improve your customer service and communication skills by learning how to use call forwarding, call waiting, and manage your messages. If you have an Aastra M6320 phone, follow these steps to avoid missing calls.

Call Forwarding allows you to redirect your calls to another telephone or voice message system as needed.

To set Call Forward, press the Call Fwd button. The indicator light next to the key will flash. To use the previous Call Forward number, press the button again and the indicator light will turn ON. To use a different number, enter the number to which you want to direct your calls, and then press the Call Fwd button. The indicator light with turn ON. To cancel, press the Call Fwd button again and the indicator light will turn OFF.

Call Waiting notifies you when you have a second incoming call by sending two short tones to the handset or speaker at regular intervals, and the Call Waiting indicator will flash.

To answer the second incoming call, press the Call Wait button which shows the flashing indicator. The original call goes on hold automatically. To return to your original call, press the line key of the original call. The other party is then put on hold automatically and the Call Wait indicator winks. You may alternate between calls by pressing the appropriate line key.

Call Pickup lets you answer a call ringing at any telephone in your pickup group from your phone. Call Pickup groups are set by your System Administrator or Customer Service Representative.

To pick up a call ringing at another telephone in your pickup group, you may do one of the following:
1. Lift the handset, 2. Press the desired line key, 3. Press the In Calls key, or 4. Press the Selector key. Then press Pickup.

Message Waiting works with the Leave Message feature or with your organization’s voice mail system. An indicator light next to the Msg Wait button turns ON whenever you have a call request or a voice mail message. Message Waiting queues up all call requests left for you starting with the first caller.

To retrieve your messages, lift your handset or press Handsfree. Press Msg Wait to dial the Message Center automatically, or dial the Message Center number manually. Retrieve your messages one by one until all messages have been heard. The indicator light turns OFF when you have listened to all of your messages.

Leave Message works with the Message Waiting feature by letting you send a call request to another telephone in your system. Your call request allows the other party to return your call quickly and easily.

If you are making a call and there is no answer or the line is busy, press Leave Msg. The Message Waiting indicator light on their phone will turn ON.

And now you know how to avoid missing calls on your Aastra M6320 phone. We are always adding new video tutorials so be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel. You may also connect with us on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest for updates.

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