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The Best Conference Phones For You

Including a conference room within your business office can be a valuable asset. To prospective and existing clients, your conference room can make a lasting impression. Whether they see it in person or through a video conference, you want to make sure your conference room is presentable and equipped with the best conferencing solutions.

Aside from eliminating reverberation and background noise as much as possible, you also want to choose the right conference phone to suit the room. Your needs may vary depending on the size of the room, the number of participants, and the calling features you desire.

Here are some tips on choosing the right conference phone for you.

Small Rooms
Small rooms usually accommodate 4-10 participants. In this instance, a conference phone with a microphone range of about 5 to 8 feet should suffice. All participants should be able to carry on a clear and audible conversation.

Popular options for small conference rooms include the Polycom SoundStation IP 5000, which boasts convenient features and compatibility, plus 7 foot microphone pickup, and the Snom MeetingPoint Conference phone, which supports up to 10 participants.

Medium Rooms
These are often the standard size conference rooms, which can accommodate 12 to 20 participants. For the best call quality, conference phones should have about 10 to 14 foot microphone range. Should you need to accommodate a few more participants, expansion microphones are usually available.

Both the Polycom SoundStation IP 7000 and the Yealink CP860 conference phones are suitable for standard size conference rooms and offer great audio quality for affordable prices.

Large Rooms
Suitable for 20 or more participants, large conference rooms may benefit more from full conferencing solutions. These will ensure the best audio and video quality for your conferences and meetings.

The Grandstream IPVideoTalk conferencing service supports up to 100 participants for audio or video conferences. The Grandstream GAC2500 and GVC3200 conference phones work with this platform and provide plug-and-play video conferencing and excellent features.

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The Best Conference Phones For You
Helpful tips and suggestions for conference phones to suit your conference room, whether small, standard, or large.

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