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VoIP For Small Business

Thanks to our smartphones, devices, laptops, and computers, access to the Internet is never too far away. Despite the convenience of these advanced technologies, some small businesses are slow to adopt new trends. More often than not, upgrades are assumed be too costly or unnecessary.

This thinking can lead to small businesses missing out on a great opportunity. These new technologies could yield great results for businesses both small and large. For example, implementing certain technologies can lead to increased productivity and efficiency among workers.

If your small business is reluctant to upgrade, you may want to take baby steps and consider implementing a VoIP system. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. That is, instead of using analog phone lines, Internet connection is utilized to make phone calls.

Upgrading to VoIP phones might be one the best decisions you make for your small business. Most IP phones are both reliable and affordable. Take, for example, the IP series phones from Nortel Networks. These Nortel IP phones come with excellent features, smart design, and a user-friendly interface. On top of that, you can find them new or refurbished for a cost-effective price.

And overall, VoIP service usually costs less than traditional phone services. Depending on your broadband connection and the internal network structure you currently have in place, VoIP can be a minimal expense.

Taking this plunge can improve business sales and success, making the investment worth it. Here are just some of the many ways a VoIP phone system can transform your business for the better.

Remote Workers
Telecommuters are becoming more common by the minute, thanks to improved technologies. Because of the demand, more businesses are offering this option to their workers. In order for telecommuting to work, a system that supports remote or offsite set up is necessary. VoIP systems can deliver this, allowing you to set up at remote locations (such as an employee’s home) and integrate these locations seamlessly with your main office system. Telecommuting is likely not going anywhere, so whether or not you currently offer this, you should invest in a system that has the ability to support this.

Effective Voicemail Management
Honestly, you probably notice a new email easier than a blinking red light on your desk phone. VoIP allows your voice messages to be transcribed and sent to your inbox with an audio attachment. This ensures that you get the message in a timely fashion and can address the issue as soon as possible. And you can easily forward voice messages to other employees accordingly.

Improved Call Filtering
Having a receptionist answer and route calls accordingly can create a bottleneck when call volumes are high. This can result in some calls being sent to voicemail, or missed opportunities due to multiple rings.

With a VoIP system, you can utilize a virtual or auto receptionist, which is basically a routing phone menu with pre-recorded messages. While most callers dislike automated systems, they can be very helpful. Rather than answering the same general questions, you can provide your callers with a recording of basic and useful information. That can reduce your call traffic greatly, while increasing your workers productivity.

These are just some of the many ways that upgrading to VoIP can help your small business. If you use a VoIP system within your business, what are some of the ways it has helped to improve your productivity or boost sales? Share with us on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

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VoIP For Small Business
Advanced technologies can help small businesses get ahead. Find out how upgrading to a VoIP phone system can improve your business success.

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