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VoIP For Small Business

Thanks to our smartphones, devices, laptops, and computers, access to the Internet is never too far away. Despite the convenience of these advanced technologies, some small businesses are slow to adopt new trends. More often than not, upgrades are assumed be too costly or unnecessary. This thinking can lead to small businesses missing out on […]

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VoIP Calling Plan

VoIP – you’ve heard about it, but do you know what it is? Moreover, should you adopt a VoIP phone plan? Before you make a decision, review this important VoIP information. What is VoIP? VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. Basically, instead of using a landline or mobile phone, VoIP allows you to speak […]

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The Little Known Benefits Of VoIP

Almost everywhere you turn, Voice over IP (VoIP) systems are being praised for their convenience and cost-effective nature in comparison to older phone systems. While saving money is one of the main draws for most customers, VoIP systems have more benefits to offer. Productivity-boosting Automation No need for costly switchboards or physical rerouting of calls […]

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