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The Power Of Telephone Calls

Most people (especially millennials) dread the telephone. Because email and text are much more convenient, these methods of communication are often preferred. However, as terrifying as a telephone call can be, therein lies the beauty of it.

Let’s take a look at why most people dislike phone calls. When you dial someone’s number, even if the call is previously scheduled, there is an uncertainty whether the party will answer or not. And with each unanswered ring, you can feel the anxiety build. In addition, phone calls can be inefficient. Just think of the many times you’ve inadvertently began a game of phone tag.

With cell phones, there is also the inevitable lag, which can result in speaking over each other and having to repeat yourself. And then there are those who do not grasp the concept of phone etiquette (ex. eating over the phone, carrying on conversations in inappropriate places).

While these reasons are sufficient to avoid phone calls, the root of our apprehension can boil down to not wanting to bother people, but mostly, our fear of rejection. Because we don’t enjoy hearing “No” we will tend to avoid situations with the likeliness of that outcome.

But in the same vein, these flaws are what make the telephone so great. Email and text are quick and easy, but there is room for misinterpretation. Video conferencing is like a phone call, but adds the element of worrying about your appearance. Of these modes of communication, nothing beats the telephone.

Think about it – Making a phone call puts you in a relatively uncomfortable situation, but it also forces you to endure it and find a way to get out. This process shows that you are invested because you made the effort and you’ve prepared. You should not worry about bothering the other person because your conviction will convey that your message matters and is not a waste of time. With each phone call, you build character and grit, which are traits that can help you succeed.

The next time you avoid a phone call by communicating via text or email, ask yourself why. Put your hesitations and fears aside and make the call.

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The Power Of Telephone Calls
Most people dislike the telephone and making telephone calls, but the very reason we avoid it is the reason they are so great.

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