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How To Use Call Park On The Panasonic DBS VB-44223 Phone


One of the many helpful features offered with the Panasonic DBS VB-44223 phone is Call Park. Call Park is used to send an outside call to another party. It allows you to park a call and page the intended recipient, allowing the person to pick up the call. If the parked call is not answered within a certain time, the call returns to the extension that parked it. Follow along as we guide you through the steps on how to use Call Park on your Panasonic phone.

Please note that attendants park calls somewhat differently than other extensions. Attendants can park calls on any 10 “park numbers.” With extensions, the calls are parked on the user’s extension number.

To park a call from an extension, press HOLD during an outside call. Next, dial 75. Lastly, replace the handset or press ON/OFF.

To pick up a call parked by an extension, pick up the handset or press ON/OFF. Next, dial 76. Lastly, dial the extension number of the person that parked the call.

To park a call from an attendant phone, press HOLD during an outside call. Dial 75, and then dial the system park number (any number from 00 to 09). Next, replace the handset or press ON/OFF. If necessary, page the intended recipient of the call.

To pick up calls parked by the attendant, pick up the handset or press ON/OFF. Dial 76, then dial the appropriate system park number.

And that is how you use Call Park on the Panasonic DBS VB-44223 phone. Check out this and other video tutorials on our YouTube channel. You may also connect with us on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest for updates.

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