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How To Place A Call On Hold On The Panasonic DBS VB-44223 Phone


There are numerous reasons why you may need to put a call on hold, whether it is to locate the proper information or transfer the caller to the correct party. To learn how to place a call on hold on the Panasonic DBS VB-44223 phone, follow these steps.

Start by pressing HOLD while on an active call.

If the call is on an outside line, retrieve it by press the appropriate line key. The line key will be flashing green.

If the call is an extension, retrieve it by pressing HOLD a second time, or by pressing the flashing FF (Flexible Function) key.

If you need to answer two calls, press HOLD to put the first call on hold. Next, press the green flashing FF key to answer the second call. Press HOLD to put the second call on hold. Press the green flashing FF key to return to the first call.

Please note that if you do not pick up a held call within a certain period of time, you will hear a tone indicating that the call is still waiting.

Also, the EXT indicator flashes when you hold an internal call or an outside line that is not assigned to a FF key.

And that is how you hold and retrieve calls on your Panasonic phone. Check out this and other video tutorials on our YouTube channel. You may also connect with us on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest for updates.

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