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How Millennials Are Changing The Way We Communicate

The number of millennials in the workforce is rising and they are changing the way we communicate in a big way.

Millennials are the largest and most diverse generation yet, with over 92 million people, comprised of those born from 1980-2000. While most of us remember landlines and playing outside, millennials grew up surfing the internet and playing online video games, requiring them to interact with other individuals in the online world. Growing up in such a collaborative environment, it seems only natural that they would bring this style to the workplace. Another poignant factor in millennial upbringing was the experience of 9/11. Despite their young age, they were mostly aware of the situation and its impact, showing that in times of struggle we band together, possibly attributing to their desire to work together as a solid team.

With that being said, millennials are bringing an important shift in workplace communication in all aspects. Thanks to their love of technology and collaboration, we are seeing a major change in business interactions and environments.

Remote Work
Spurred by millennial influence, more and more businesses are allowing employees to work remotely. But this desire to work freely doesn’t mean they don’t value working relationships and the workplace culture.

As previously mentioned, millennials are comfortable working online and prefer the freedom. This can benefit businesses as they are able to reach employees out of their normal geographic range, bringing new talent to the business without spending money to expand office space. However, a solid remote work policy supported by a solution that enables effective communication is necessary.

While desk phones are still a valuable asset to offices, for remote or mobile workers, smartphones take precedence. This is not necessarily a bad thing for companies. If utilized correctly, a BYOD program or collaboration or messaging app can help to bring your workforce together.

Aside from the fact that millennials prefer mobile and electronic communications, a secure app will allow your team to easily contact each other without leaking sensitive company data over insecure networks. A comprehensive policy along with an app with the property security measures should be in place.

Video Conferencing
With various forms of video calling being so easily accessible, many millennials are very familiar with this format. Thus, video conferencing is a welcome form of interaction, especially since it is the best way to mimic in-person communication. This enables remote workers to interact with in-office and other remote workers, promoting working relationships and team collaboration. More often than not, participants also report being more prepared and engaged in video conferences than in other communication alternatives.

Collaboration & Feedback
Millennials enjoy employee engagement and invite feedback and coaching. They are more responsive to constructive criticism and an open dialogue between colleagues.  Their desire to improve their talents is not only to benefit themselves, but to also benefit the team as a whole.

Impatience = Innovation
Impatience can be seen as a negative characteristic, but not necessarily in this sense. Their impatience and preference for convenience spurs motivation. This motivation combined with their desire to problem solve leads them to discover new and innovative ways to get the job done. And it is this creativity and drive that makes them invaluable in our modern workforce.

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How Millennials Are Changing The Way We Communicate
There's no denying millennials are making a huge impact in the workplace. Find out the different ways their influence is changing the way we interact.

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