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How To Use The Network Profiles On The Allworx 9224 Phone


For Allworx phone systems which use server software 7.4 and later, the phones store Network Profiles. These network profiles contain network and registration settings. Users may select a Network Profile to use for different situations.

For example, you may want to connect to a second Allworx serve for disaster recovery purposes or temporarily connect to the Allworx server from home. Network Profiles avoid having to manually change these settings on your Allworx phone each time. Follow these steps to change the Network Profile on your Allworx 9224 phone.

Begin by pressing the CONFIG (Configuration) softkey. Use the UP/DOWN scroll softkeys to highlight the Network Profiles option. Next, use UP/DOWN scroll softkeys to highlight the Network Profile you would like to use and then press SELECT. Press the EXIT softkey to exit the Refreshing the Directory Screen. Lastly, reboot the phone.

To reboot the phone, press the CONFIG softkey. Use the UP/DOWN scroll softkeys to highlight the Reboot Phone option and then press SELECT. If there are any unsaved changes, select the YES softkey to save any changes, or select NO to cancel the changes made. Lastly, press the YES softkey on the confirmation prompt to reboot.

And that’s how you change the Network Profile on the Allworx 9224 phone. Check out this and other video tutorials on our YouTube channel. You may also connect with us on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest for updates.

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