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Livestreaming For Businesses

For those of you unfamiliar with livestreaming, it is the process of broadcasting in real time over the internet (think live television, but online). In terms of social media, it started with Meerkat and Periscope, followed by Facebook Live and Instagram Live Stories, all of which are similar yet offer unique features.

Not limited to personal use, businesses can benefit from livestreaming as well. If implemented correctly, it can be another way for businesses to connect with customers on a more personal and fun level. Rather than jumping right in, businesses should devise a thoughtful plan to get the more out of livestreaming.

Planning | Before The Stream
A good thing to always remember is that livestreaming is not about selling. Instead, use it to connect with your audience and showcase your brand and products while truly engaging the customer by delivering meaningful content. Here are some main points to focus on when planning:

  • Continuity

Your livestream should not exist on its own – it should tell your brand story. As it continues, it should support your story and reflect the customer experience.

  • Relevance

If your content is not relevant to the viewer, why would they continue to watch? For example, rather than providing the viewer basic information on a new service, present stories of how this new service has helped others, and maybe even include customer accounts. You want to put out content that represents and relates to your consumers and who they really are.

  • Well-Composed

Take as many aspects into account beforehand. Where will the livestream take place? Will you stay in one place or be mobile? Who will speak and about what? And remember to be mindful of what you are displaying in the background. Be sure that any employees or bystanders are aware that they may be recorded, and be sure not to leak anything inappropriate or confidential.

  • Well-Communicated

Promote your livestream and build up hype before the event. The more people know about it and anticipate it, the more they will be enticed to watch and may adjust their schedules to tune in.

  • Set Goals

By setting goals and metrics, you will be able to evaluate your performance and see what does and does not work. These insights will help you plan a better livestream, allowing you to improve and perfect your approach.

Executing | During The Stream
Things to keep in mind during the actual event:

  • Avoid Scripts

Talk with your audience, rather than to them. Avoid creating a script and sounding robotic. Instead, make a loose outline of topics you want to cover and take a glance before you speak.

  • Don’t Fake It

Most viewers will see right through you if you pretend to be an expert on an unfamiliar subject. Not only will this hurt your livestream, but it can damage the credibility of your business. If you are not comfortable covering a topic you have little knowledge of, bring in an expert or someone who can better address it. Having a guest speaker can positively affect your livestream and possibly draw more viewers.

  • Be Natural

Conversational style is key. Make your delivery seem personal by maintaining eye contact, but know that it is okay to look away or glance at notes here and there. Don’t be discouraged by mistakes and slip-ups because we know we are all human and these things happen.

  • Don’t Stream In Vain

Include a call to action for viewers after the completed stream. You want to give your audience an opportunity to act. You can offer a preview of what’s to come or simply prompt a “like” or “follow” for your pages or profiles.

Repurposing | After The Stream
You should always think ahead to what will happen after the stream is over. Will you save the stream, and if so, how? How will you repurpose and leverage this content? How will you gather data? How did your engagement results compare to your goals?

Once your stream is completed, be sure to update the description and names of people involved, and include any relevant links and additional resources as mentioned.

Evaluate & Review
Lastly, watch the stream to see how and what you can improve. Get feedback from other viewers and use this constructive criticism to produce better streams.

Have you tried livestreaming for your business? Would you consider using livestreaming to build and engage with your audience? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

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Livestreaming For Businesses
With the right approach and planning, livestreaming can help your business connect and engage with customers on a more modern level.

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