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Open Source PBX

For those of you considering, or already transitioning to VoIP systems, you have likely heard about Open Source PBX. Find out what an Open Source PBX system is and how it may benefit you.

What Is PBX?
For a quick overview, PBX is short for Private Branch Exchange, and is a private telephone switchboard within an enterprise that allows users to switch calls among them and share a certain number of external lines. Instead of having a line for each user, PBX systems share the lines for making calls, cutting the cost of having a line for each user.

What is Open Source PBX?
An open source PBX has an underlying operating system and PBX software that is available for free to the public. Because these resources are free, an open source PBX system offers lower costs and unlimited flexibility for businesses.

There are two types of Open Source PBX systems:

  1. “Pure” open source PBX: A PBX system that has an underlying operating system and PBX software that’s made available to the public for free under GNU General Public License (ex. Asterisk)
  2. Open source based: A PBX with an underlying operating system and PBX software that’s open source at the core, but proprietary codes were built on top of it. (ex. Switchvox)

Depending on your business needs, Open Source PBX may be the best solution for you. To learn more about the VoIP options and services we provide, you may call 800-564-8045 or visit us online at You can connect with us on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

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Open Source PBX
Whether you're looking to upgrade or simply exploring your options, you will want to consider an Open Source PBX, depending on your needs.

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