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What’s The Difference Between Bluetooth & DECT?

When it comes to cordless or wireless options for your phones or headsets, you can go with Bluetooth or DECT. Bluetooth is often regarded as the standard for connecting your mobile phones to cars and headphones, but, unless you have a history with VoIP systems, you may not be familiar with DECT.

What Is DECT?
Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) is a wireless standard that is most commonly used in cordless telephones and accessories. Beginning in Europe, DECT is the standard in almost every market besides North America. It is used for business VoIP and consumer phones, and can be used with both wireless LAN and PBX. On occasion, baby monitors will use DECT as well.

What Is Bluetooth?
Most of us use Bluetooth technology in our everyday lives. Bluetooth transfers information using radio transmissions rather than data cables. It was originally introduced in 1994 and has been one the primary standards for audio and music streaming around the world. Despite being slower than Wi-Fi, it is very easy to use and can work across numerous devices.

Each offer their own unique features and benefits, however, one does not completely outshine the other. Which one you choose will depend on your specific needs.


  • Range is specific to each device, but can be capable of up to 300-500 feet in most cases
  • Secure 64-bit encryption
  • Only connects to base stations and one other device
  • Designed with a focus on telecommunication and voice

DECT is likely the better option if you only need your headset to work with your computer softphone or desk phone. It is also great for open offices, or those who like to take advantage of its wide range (ex. contact or call center agents).


  • Class two range limited to about 33 feet
  • Greater compatibility with a range of devices
  • Offers a more secure 124-bit encryption
  • Can connect to eight devices at once

If headsets are going to be used alongside mobile and desk phones and other devices, Bluetooth is a smarter option.  Due to its wider capabilities, Bluetooth is better suited for the mobile and remote workforce, as mobile teams often require an on-the-go headset. Range can also be mitigated when a Bluetooth device is used with a mobile phone.

All things considered, which do you think would suit your business needs? Or, which of these do you already employ within your business? Share with us on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

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What's The Difference Between Bluetooth & DECT?
When it comes to wireless options for your communications, do you know the differences between Bluetooth and DECT?

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