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How To Answer & Make Calls On The Avaya 9608 IP Phone

The Avaya 9608 IP phone is ideal for various office environments. Special features of the Avaya IP phone include built-in full duplex speakerphone and built-in headset interface, dual message waiting indicators, and wideband audio. Delivering exceptional performance and features, the aptly designed Avaya IP phone is perfect for employees who are always on the phone. Follow these steps to learn how to answer and make calls on the Avaya 9608 IP phone.

Answering A Call
You may answer an incoming call in one of the following ways:

  • If you are not on another call, lift the handset, or press Speaker, OK, or Answer to answer the call using the speakerphone, or press Headset to answer using the headset.
  • If you are on another call, and the phone displays the incoming call, from the Phone screen scroll to the line with the incoming call and press Answer or OK. If you are on another call, you can also press Ans Hold to automatically put the first call on hold when you answer the new call. Also, you can press Ans Drop to automatically drop the first call when you answer the new call.
  • To quickly move to the top of your call appearance list is to answer an incoming call on your primary line, from the Phone screen press the Phone button. You can then press the line for the incoming call or scroll to it.
  • To automatically display the Phone screen when you receive an incoming call, set the Phone Screen on Ringing option to Yes.

Making A Call

  1. Lift the handset, or press Speaker or Headset (if applicable) or a line button for an available line.
  2. Dial the number you want to call.

Making A Call Using Edit Dialing

  1. From the Phone screen, enter the number you want to call.
  2. To edit the number, press Bksp to erase the previous character, one character at a time. To remove the entire number, press Clear.
  3. Press Call or OK.

And that is how you answer and make calls on the Avaya 9608 IP phone. For further questions, please see your System Administrator.

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