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Conference Calls On The Mitel 5330E IP Phone

The Mitel 5330E IP phone is excellent for offices with moderate to high call volumes. You will find exceptional features that provide the ultimate convenience for users. Of these beneficial functions is the Conference feature, which allows three or more parties to communicate on one call. Follow these steps to learn how to use the Conference feature on your Mitel 5330E IP phone.

To form a Conference when a two-party call s already in place, or to add another party to an existing Conference:

  1. Press TRANS/CONF.
  2. Dial the number of the next party.
  3. Wait for an answer.
  4. Press TRANS/CONF.

To leave a Conference:

  • Hang up or press CANCEL.

Conference Split
To Split a Conference and speak privately with the original party:

Press the Split softkey.

Add Held
To move a call on hold to another line appearance:

  1. Press an available line key.
  2. Press the AddHeld softkey.
  3. Press the flashing line key.

To add a call on Hold to an existing conversation or conference:

  1. Press the AddHeld softkey.
  2. Press the flashing line key.

To call another party when you are in an established two-party call:

  1. Press TRANS/CONF.
  2. Dial the number.

To alternate between the two parties:

Press the Trade Calls softkey.

And that is how you use the Conference feature on your Mitel phone. Please see your System Administrator if you have any questions.

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