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Transferring Calls on the Avaya Merlin Magix 4412D+ Phone

Perfect for offices with high call volumes, the Avaya Merlin Magix 4412D+ phone delivers great quality and affordability. Its smart design comes equipped with 12 programmable line and feature buttons with LED along with 12 programmable feature-only buttons. Workers will also benefit from the convenient features, including call transfer. Follow these steps to learn how to transfer calls on this Avaya Phone.

To transfer a call using the dialpad:
1. Press Trnsfr.
The system puts the call on hold and selects and EXT button.
2. Dial the extension or outside number.
To cancel or return to the call on hold, press the button next to the flashing green light.
3. Announce the call (optional).
4. Hang up.

To transfer a call using one-touch manual transfer:
1. Press Trnsfr.
2. Press the programmed AutoDial button.
3. Announce the call (optional).
4. Hang up.

To transfer a call using one-touch auto transfers, if available:
• Press the programmed AutoDial button.
*Check with your System Manager to see if you have one-touch manual transfer or one-touch auto transfer. *

To transfer a call to a voice mailbox:
1. Do one of the following:
• Press the programmed Feature button, and press 56.
• Press the programmed Direct Voice Mail button.
• Select Direct Voice Mail from the display (DicVM or DirectVM).
2. Dial the extension number.
3. Hang up.

And that is how you use Call Transfer on your Avaya phone. Please see your System Manager if you have further questions.

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