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Troubleshooting The Polycom SoundStation2 Conference Phone

The Polycom SoundStation2 conference phone is a great asset for businesses and is perfect for small to medium-sized conference rooms and offices. With exceptional call quality and advanced connectivity options, the SoundStation2 is a sound investment.

As we all know, nothing is perfect, and you may come across some hiccups when using the SoundStation2 phone. Here are some of the most common issues along with helpful troubleshooting tips.

  • No Dial Tone
    The telephone cable must be plugged into an analog telephone jack. If the dial tone is not heard, verify the following:

    • Check that the console is operational.
    • Check that the telephone cable from the interface module is connected to an analog telephone (POTS) line.
  • Does Not Ring
    • Check that the ringer is not turned off.
    • If the volume is turned all the way down, increase the volume with the Volume buttons.
  • Flickering LCD
    If your screen appears to flicker, it may be because you are using a certain type of fluorescent lighting in your building. Move the phone away from the lights or replace the fluorescent bulbs.
  • Keypad Input Doesn’t Register
    This could happen if you enter information too quickly. Press the alphanumeric buttons slowly. Some buttons may not be recognized if you press them too quickly.
  • Muffled or “In A Well” Reception
    This is caused by high reverberant rooms and people speaking too far from the microphone.

    • Speak closer to the console so that the microphones pick up your speech more accurately.
    • Add more sound absorbency to the room.
  • Short Silences, Echos, or Clipped Speech
    • Do not move the SoundStation2 console when it is in use.
    • Keep your hands away from the console during calls.
    • To avoid excessive noise around the unit, keep papers, cups, and other noise-producers away from the console.
    • At the beginning of each call, let someone at each location speak in turn for a few moments to enable SoundStation2 to adapt to its environment.
    • The other parties may be using non-Polycom equipment which may cause audio performance issues.
    • Try calling again; a different line may provide a better connection.
  • Physical Damage
    • If physical damage is severe enough that the internal parts become visible, disconnect the SoundStation2 immediately.
    • Do not reconnect the telephone network until the SoundStation2 has been repaired.

To get the best performance:

  • Position the SoundStation2 in the center of the conference table or desk.
  • Do not move the Soundstation2 during a call.
  • Do not shuffle papers near the SoundStation2.
  • Position extended microphones 7′ from the SoundStation2 console.
  • Speak at a normal conversation level, and direct your voice towards the console or towards the extended microphone.
  • Unplug all cords before cleaning the SoundStation2. Do not use liquid cleaners or aerosol cleaners. Use a damp, soft cloth for cleaning.

If you need further assistance regarding your Polycom SoundStation2 conference phone, please contact your original equipment provider.

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