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Ultratec for Crystal Clear Communications

Ultratec CrystalTone 755-000601

While you’re on the phone do you find it hard to hear the person on the other line? Do you find yourself wishing you could turn up the volume so you could hear the other person’s voice more clearly? With the Ultratec CrystalTone 755-000601 your wish will come true! This phone is not only amplified to 35dB, it also has the options to adjust the clarity and quality of the sound that is coming through your handset.

Ultratec CrystalTone 755-000601

Ultratec CrystalTone 755-000601

Some of the features include the extra large and easy to read high contrast keypad, this is ideal for any individual who may have any type of visual impairment. Another feature is the three emergency speed dial buttons. These buttons make making an emergency phone call simple, due to the fact that once you program the speed dial buttons you will only have to press the button for the person you are trying to reach and the phone will automatically dial their number for you. Another helpful feature is the bright ring flasher which visually alerts you of any incoming calls. This is ideal for those who have any type of hearing impairment or for those households where the loud household noise makes it difficult to hear when the phone is ringing. The features listed above are only a couple of the features that are available in the Ultratec CrystalTone. Others features include hearing aid compatibility, outgoing volume control, ten programmable speed dial buttons, a backup battery, and much more!

The Ultratec CrystalTone amplified phone has great flexibility, and can meet a wide variety of needs. Whether you need a phone that is hearing aid compatible or a phone that can help those with a visual or hearing impairment, the Ultratec CrystalTone 755-000601 is sure to fulfill all your needs. Give us a call at 1-800-564-8045, and our sales staff will be more than willing to help answer any questions regarding this phone.

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