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Communication In The Digital Age

Gone are the days when businesses solely relied on snail mail to reach out to customers. Now businesses can utilize email, social media, and even text messaging to alert customers. This digital transformation has made communications much more convenient both externally and internally. Within the company, employees can access one another from anywhere, promoting the ability for remote work. However, this adds pressure on workers to meet clients’ increasing demands. Learn more about how companies are managing these changes.

Internal Communication
Before, employees were kept in the loop of company news and happenings via a newsletters or weekly email digests. In today’s modern work environment, those simply don’t cut it. Because everything is more fast-paced, employees need to feel more involved in every step immediately. When appropriate, they should be able to voice their opinions and insights and be heard.

With Unified Communications, which has been evolving and advancing with the digital transformation, companies can take advantage of video conferencing, webinars, virtual huddles, and more. Thanks to these communication tools, employees no longer need to be in the same room – with the appropriate devices and connections, they can access each other remotely and as needed.

Despite the shift toward remote work, the company intranet still holds value. Mobile and messaging apps are being implemented to keep employees connected and informed. For company alerts and announcements, text messages are more immediate than email and enable a relief in email overload. The result is an agile workforce on top of the latest happenings.

Customer Communications
As periodic newsletters and messages do not work for employees, the same goes for customers. The customer experience is a top priority, and these days, they crave a real-time relationship with companies.

A strategic communications plan should be put into place and aim to build loyalty and trust with their customers on an omni-channel level. For example, personalized and targeted email marketing and instant incentives sent to customers nearby can improve sales as well as the customer relationship. Social media is also a large part of the customer experience and should be included within the plan. Brands should establish a strong presence and engage with customers in a timely fashion. When it comes to social media, companies are able to address concerns and do “damage control” in the event a disgruntled customer decides to share their experience. To limit communication overload, push apps, artificial intelligence, and automation can assist marketing and customer service teams.

Digitization is not only helping the customer relationship, but it is also helping companies save money. Spending on tradition communication media (ex. printed brochures, catalogs) is eliminated as the use of digital resources and tools takeover.

Essentially, with this shift, companies are doing more with less. Only time and technology will tell where communications will go from here. Share your thoughts on the digital transition with us on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest!

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Communication In The Digital Age
Find out how the digital transition has impacted the internal and external communications and interactions within businesses.

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