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Handling Incoming Calls On The Polycom VVX 400/410 Phone

The Polycom VVX 400 and 410 phones are an ideal choice for business offices. With excellent features, such as Polycom HD Voice, these phones enable users to make more efficient and productive calls. With easy-to-use features and exceptional performance, the Polycom 400 and 410 phones are an obvious choice.

When your Polycom phone rings, you may answer it right away or you may:

  • Temporarily ignore the call before answering.
  • Reject the call so it goes directly to voicemail.
  • Forward the call to another person.

Ignoring Incoming Calls
Ignore or silence a call to stop your phone from ringing. Even though the call is ignored, your phone will still display the incoming call notification so you can still answer the call.

To ignore or silence a call:

  • From the Incoming Call window, press Ignore (for private lines) or Silence (for shared lines).

The Incoming Call window disappears, your phone stops ringing, and either Home or Calls view displays.

Rejected Incoming Calls
Reject a call to stop your phone from ringing and send the call directly to voice mail. Calls you reject display in your Recent Calls list. Rejecting calls is not available for shared lines.

To reject an incoming call:

  • From the Incoming Call window, press Reject. You can also reject an incoming call from Lines and Calls view.

The call goes directly to voice mail.

Forwarding Incoming Calls To Another Person
While your phone rings, you can forward the call to another person.

To forward an incoming call to another person:

  1. While your phone rings, press Forward.
  2. From the Call Forwarding screen, enter the forwarding number, and press Forward.

Note: You can also set up your phone to forward all incoming calls to another person, or forward all calls from a certain contact to another person.

For more information regarding your Polycom phone, please see your System Administrator.

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