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Making Conference Calls On The Comdial Impact 8012S Phone

Conferencing allows you to connect with multiple phones on the same call. This makes it convenient for businesses to conduct meetings with remote workers or clients, eliminating travel expenses, expediting collaboration and boosting productivity.

On the Comdial Impact 8012S phone, you can make conference calls with up to five parties, including you as the originating party, in any combination of outside lines and intercom parties.

Note: When setting up a conference call with outside lines and internal telephones, you must call the outside lines first.

Conference Calls

  • To set up a conference call that includes any combination of outside lines and intercom parties:
  1. Make the first call.
  2. Select Conference, using the interactive button. The call is automatically placed on hold.
  3. Select next line and make the next call.
  4. Select Conference to establish the conference.
  5. Press the TRNS/CONF button to add more parties.
  • To continue the conversation on the remaining line after other outside lines have dropped out of conference:
  1. Press HOLD.
  2. Press the line button of the remaining party.
  • To retrieve a line from hold and bring that party back into the conference:
  1. Press TRNS/CONF.
  2. Press line button.
  3. Press TRNS/CONF.

Unsupervised Conference Calls
If you are involved in a conference call with two outside lines, you can drop out of this established conference call and leave the outside lines in the conference with each other (known as an unsupervised conference call).

  • To drop out of a conference call you initiated involving outside lines (creating an unsupervised conference):
  1. Dial # (lines remain lighted and in use until one or both outside parties disconnect; when only one party drops out of an unsupervised conference, the other party remains on hold until he hangs up or the line is answered).
  • To rejoin an unsupervised conference between two outside lines:
  1. Press TAP.
  • To drop a party out of a conference call:
  1. Select Drop Party.
  2. Select the party you wish to drop from the conference call by pressing the interactive button beside the appropriate line.

If you have further questions regarding conference calls on your Comdial Impact 8012S phone, please see your System Administrator.

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