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NEC DSX Phone: Conference Calls

Conference calls offer convenience by allowing you to collaborate with coworkers or clients in remote locations over the phone. You can save travel time and costs by conversing with others on a conference call. The NEC DSX business phones deliver exceptional features, including Conference, for an affordable price. Invest in our NEC DSX phones for your business and learn how to set up a Conference call by following these steps.

To set up a Conference:

  1. Establish an Intercom or outside call.
  2. Press CONF.
    1. You hear Intercom dial tone.
    2. Your caller hears Music on Hold (if installed) while they wait for you to set up the Conference.
  3. Do one of the following:
    1. Dial extension you want to add.
    2. Place or answer an outside call.
    3. Retrieve a call from Park Orbit.
  4. Press CONF to set up the Conference.
    1. If you cannot add additional parties to your Conference, you have exceeded the system’s Conference limit.
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 to add additional parties to your Conference. You can also do one of the following:
    1. To optionally place a Conference on Hold, press HOLD.
    2. To reinstate the Conference on Hold, press CONF.
  6. To exit the Conference, hang up.
    1. The remaining parties can continue their conversation uninterrupted.
    2. If you were in Conference with two outside lines, this may set up a Tandem Call (Unsupervised Conference).

And that is how you use the Conference feature on NEC DSX business phones. Please see your System Administrator for further questions.

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NEC DSX Phone: Conference Calls
NEC DSX business phones offer exceptional features including Conference calls. Learn how to use this feature by following these steps.

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