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Call Forwarding On The Comdial Impact 8012S Phone

Whether you are constantly on the field or traveling around the office, you may miss important calls when you’re away from your desk. Luckily, the Call Forward feature exists on most business phones, like the Comdial Impact 8012S phone, so that phone calls can follow you wherever you may be.

On the Comdial Impact 8012S phone, Call Forward allows you to forward the calls that normally ring at your telephone to another telephone. To remind you that your calls are being forwarded, your telephone will sound a short ring burst each time the system forwards a call.

You can forward calls that ring at your telephone but receive no answer; this feature is valuable if you are frequently away from your desk for short periods of time and find it inconvenient to permanently forward your calls every time you leave.

To forward your calls:
1. Select OPTIONS.
2. Select Programming.
3. Select NEXT.
4. Select Call Forwarding.
5. Choose one of the following call forwarding options:

• Select Forward ALL to forward all calls.
• Select Forward Personal to forward prime line and intercom calls.
• Select Forward RNA All for forward all calls that ring at your station but receive no answer after a programmed number of rings.
• Select Forward RNA Personal to forward your prime line and intercom calls that ring at your station but receive no answer after a programmed number of rings.
• Select CFOS to forward your calls to outside the system.

6. Dial extension number or press DSS/BLF button of telephone.
7. Select EXIT to end.

To cancel call forwarding:

• Select CLEAR to disable call forwarding.

And that is how you forward calls on the Comdial Impact 8012S phone. If you have any further questions, please see your System Administrator.

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