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Conferencing On The ShoreTel 480G IP Phone

A conference call involves more than two parties connected in a call. The conference feature is especially helpful if you need to conduct a meeting with remote workers or clients. This can effectively save time and cut down on travel expenses by offering an easy and convenient way to collaborate with others.

On the ShoreTel 480G IP phone, the number of people you can conference together in a call using your Conference button depends on the system configuration. Contact your ShoreTel Connect administrator for the details about your system’s conference capabilities. Follow along to learn how to make a Conference call on your ShoreTel 480G IP phone.

Making A Conference Call
You can set up a conference call using either of the following approaches:

• In a blind conference call, you conference the people together without the other person first answering your call.
• In a consultative conference call, you talk to the person before adding that person to the conference call.

To make a conference call:

1. Dial the extension of the first person you would like to include in the conference call, and consult with that person.

2. Press the Conference button. The call is then put on hold.

Tip: Press Cancel soft key or the Hold button if you want to cancel the conference.

3. Dial the extension of the next person you would like to add to the conference call.

4. Optionally, after dialing the extension, you can quickly do one of the following:

a. Press the Confer soft key to initiate a blind conference call.
b. Press the Consult soft key or wait until the timeout ends to initiate a consultative conference.
c. If you have the necessary permissions, press the Intercom soft key to connect with the other party through the intercom.

5. Do one of the following:

a. While the phone rings, proceed to the next step.
b. Wait for the person to answer, and consult with the person if necessary.

6. If you’ve initiated a consultative or Intercom conference, when prompted press the Yes soft key to proceed with the conference.

A three-way conference call is established. Your phone displays the number of other participants included in the conference call.

7. Repeat steps 1-6 for each additional person you want to include in the conference call.

Tip: If you want to see the names of the people included in the conference call, press the Show soft key. While showing conference participants, to drop a party from the conference call, use the ▼ or ▲ navigation keys to scroll to that person’s name within this list. With the name highlighted, press the Drop soft key. To return to the conference screen, press the Back soft key.

Using The Merge Feature To Conference Active Calls
When you are engaged in an active call or a conference call, you can add another incoming or held call to your conference call through the Merge feature.

• To add the call to an existing call or conference call, press the Merge soft key.

o If there is only one other call on the phone, the new call is automatically added to the held call or conference call.

o If more than one other call is on hold, the phone displays a list of calls you can merge the active call to. Use the navigation key pad to scroll to the call you want to merge, and press the Merge soft key.

o If the call in focus is a held call, when you press the Merge soft key it merges the held call to the active call.

And that is how you make a conference call on the ShoreTel 480G IP phone. Any further questions should be directed to your ShoreTel Connect administrator.

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