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Intercom Features On The NEC Aspire Phones

With the NEC Aspire phones, you get exceptional performance and reliability. Convenient features include handsfree answerback, speed dial, programmable function keys with dual LEDS, and useful intercom features. Follow these steps to navigate the different intercom functions of your NEC Aspire phone.

How To Intercom A Co-Worker:

  1. Lift handset (optional).
  2. Press HOTLINE key for co-worker OR enter the three-digit extension number.

How To Intercom All Extensions At Once (Paging):

  1. Lift handset.
  2. Dial 8010 (on some systems, you can dial *10).
  3. Begin speaking after tones.

How To Make Your Intercom Calls Ring:

  1. With handset in cradle, press CALL 1.
  2. Dial 823.
  3. Press SPK.

How To Make Your Incoming Intercom Calls Voice Announce:

  1. With handset in cradle, press CALL 1.
  2. Dial 821.
  3. Press SPK.

And that is how you use the intercom features on the NEC Aspire phones. For more information, please see your System Administrator.

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